Lisa Deg

I started following Violet Flamingo on Facebook after a friends' recommendation and loved what I saw. There was one dress in particular that really caught my eye and so when it came to getting married and wanting a wedding dress I knew where to go!

I met Lindsey and told her which dress I had been looking at and we went through what I wanted. She understood exactly what I was looking for and had the perfect colour for me. We only had a couple of fittings as each one went smoothly with no issues! The dress fit perfectly and was just what I had imagined. Lindsey also made the dress with detachable bow & sleeves so that I could change the appearance and wear it as often as I liked rather that it just the once. I have worn it three times since I got married, I love it!

I would recommend Violet Flamingo to anyone, especially if you want something personal and unique.