Hannah Prince

When I first met with Lindsey I knew I wanted a dress that was quite traditional, but one that reflected my personality and that didn't look like everybody else's! Practically, I also needed one that was going to be cool and easy to wear and that would cope with being packed into a suitcase. On top of this, I really wasn't sure what I wanted my dress to look like!! So, all in all, I wasn't the easiest of customers!

From the outset Lindsey was absolutely brilliant, her passion and expertise stood out in the advice and suggestions she made. From the information I gave her Lindsey sat with me and drew a range of designs from which I was able to choose aspects of each that I liked. Lindsey also helped me to choose the material that would best suit my needs. At every stage I felt involved but not overwhelmed. When it came to the fitting there was an aspect of the dress that I had changed my mind about. Lindsey helped me to work out what I was unsure about and then change the design for me. I never felt rushed or under pressure and I always felt that Lindsey was determined to make the dress that was perfect for me. And she did!

I would highly recommend Lindsey and will definitely be finding an excuse to return for another dress in the future!