Emma Underwood

Like every girl, I always had a vision of what my wedding dress would look like. I also knew I would never find it in a shop. Luckily for me, I'd known and been friends with Lindsey for a long time and so the day after my husband popped the big question she got the text! "R u ready to make the dress?" thankfully the answer was 'yes'.

Her service and commitment to delivering me what I had dreamed of was amazing and she knew how to balance my expectations of what I wanted with what would actually work whilst still giving me "THE DRESS".

Many people were sceptical that a red wedding dress that was more like an oscar dress would work but the day I knew that we had truly pulled it off was the first time my mum saw it complete and she had the look! It can't be described but every bride knows it - because it's the same one your father will give you the first time he sees you in your dress and the same way your husband to be looks at you as walk down the aisle.

I will forever be indebted to Lindsey for making a key part of my special day come true. If you have a vision of a dream dress that you will treasure forever as it will be yours and yours alone I would highly recommend investing in a bespoke piece by Lindsey. She will put her heart and soul into delivering you the one.