Becky Griffiths

becky griffiths.jpg

You only get married once, so you have to get it right. With Lindsey, you know you are getting it right. 

The first thing anyone asked me when I was planning the wedding was "do you have your dress?" and my answer was always "yes and it is going to be amazing". I was so excited to be able to tell people that I was in the process of working with Lindsey, putting together a bespoke dress truly unique to me.

From the very first appointment Lindsey made me feel welcome. More like old friends than strangers meeting to discuss business. 

I went in with an idea of what I wanted and mentioned some ideas that I never thought would be possible but I was always met with "Yeah sure why not. Go for it."

I moved house twice (further and further down south) in the process but Lindsey was always so flexible and accommodating with my fittings and posting me samples and assuring me that it wasn't a problem that I wasn't always available to pop in to the studio. Just one of the many amazing aspects of her care and attention to clients. 

When the day came to pick up the dress I didn't want to take it off. I was blown away and I immediately wanted to tell my future husband all about it but managed to not let slip the little personal touches that were unique to us (Lindsey set my original engagement ring into a button on the dress and made matching ones. A detail that moved my husband to tears on the day). 

Then the wedding rolled around and I couldn't wait to put the dress on and feel like a fairy. The fit was absolutely perfect. You often see brides squeezing into dresses and looking uncomfortable on their big day but I was honestly the most comfortable I have ever been. The dress fit perfectly and I could not stop spinning around. The only sad part was taking it off at the end of the day. I wanted to sleep in it. I wanted to wear it to the airport the next day and keep it on. But alas, just like Cinderella, I had to take it off. 

Thank you so much Lindsey. You are wonderful and Violet Flamingo helped make my special day perfect.