About Violet Flamingo

Lindsey, the company owner, studied Fashion Design and Manufacture at the University of Huddersfield. After graduating she went on to work for an independent British fashion brand. Whilst working there she also gained experience in freelance work such as costume, styling and making unique one-off items for friends.

Violet Flamingo was created in 2011. Lindsey’s main influences in her work are, vintage and historical costume for its elegance, all street styles for their disregard for what’s expected and finally couture for its beauty and artistic merit.

Ready-to-wear, available in the online store

All three Violet Flamingo's ranges are not trend-led, these items are key pieces for you to wear again and again. Lindsey is a strong believer that things should never be worn only once, they are designed to be versatile so you can wear them to a variety of occasions depending on how you style your garment. Each item is manufactured in the highest quality materials and finished beautifully by hand.

All of the items are handmade at Ebor Studio in Littleborough. Clients are more than welcome to come to Ebor and try pieces on - just book an appointment through the contact page.

Bespoke, Made-to-Measure Garments

The bespoke option at Violet Flamingo is a very personal service. Each piece is cut to your specific measurements and has as many fittings as are needed to create the perfect one-off garment.

The process of bespoke at Violet Flamingo takes time and contribution from yourself and Lindsey. If you're interested in having something made, the first step is to contact Lindsey online. From there an online consultation can begin, with initial images of styles, fabrics, trims and shapes. A feel of what you want can be visualized and a rough quote can be sent out. If you're happy to go ahead, a meeting can then be arranged, where all the aspects of your ideas come together as a final design. Materials are chosen and every one of your measurements are taken. Your final piece will only fit you. A pattern and mock up is made up in a similar fabric and this is when you will return for your initial fitting. There can be several fittings depending on how complex the design is. It will be fitted until it is absolutely perfect, only then will the final creation go into production. The most exciting part comes at the end when you come to try on your final unique piece, at this stage there is still time for alterations but 99% of the time it is yours to take home.

It is a lengthy process but no one else in the world with have the same garment as you. This is why I encourage my clients to be different and create something truly special, together we can create anything, the only limit is our imagination!

Example Pricing for Bespoke Items

The prices below would include consultation, fabric, trims, fittings and finished garment. Click on an image for price details...

Lindsey James

Lindsey James

See what goes into creating a VF bespoke clothing shoot and find out what make Lindsey so passionate about what she does.

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